Canada's increased trade with the EU over the last 20 years and its decreased trade with the UK may insulate the Canadian economy from a Brexit fall out.

What does Brexit mean for Canadian exports? 

What does Brexit mean for Canadian exports? 

The data visualization below (excl. mobile & safari) shows Canada's exports to the European Union and Britain. Has the UK become a more important trading partner for Canada in the last 20 years?

Adjust the chart settings to reveal the impact that Brexit could have on Canadian exports, if any. 

  1. Select 'Value' on the y axis
  2. ‘Order’ by 'Value' on the x axis
  3. Both y and x axes should be linear, 'Lin'
  4. Change the color settings from ‘Geo’ to ‘Unique colors’
  5. Select the following trading partners,  China, the European Union, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom by ticking the box next to each country name
  6. Set the chart type to ‘Bars’ (not bubbles or lines)
  7. Press the ‘Play’ button

The chart below is generated from StatsCanada data. It shows Canada’s international merchandise imports in annual (dollars x 1,000,000) from 1997 to 2015, all countries excl. USA, by seasonal adjustment and principal trading partners.